LGBTQ Inclusion and Safe Zone

The theologian, Donald Boisvert, says, “Sexuality is a gift from God, and it is a gift because of its varied manifestations. Being gay is therefore a blessing.”

All people are created by the hand of heaven. At Lakeside we strive to see, include and love all who enter our doors. This should be obvious and go without saying, but too many people still associate religion with intolerance. As Jay Michaelson says, “Mislead by a cruel misreading of a handful of biblical verses, [we] miss the much more important messages of many others:  that love is sacred, that God does not want us to be alone. That justice and compassion are divine mandates. That every human being is created in the image of God.”

Lakeside Congregation is a safe space for the LGBTQ community, and we welcome you with love and open arms.

We are committed to living beyond the simple notion of a gender binary. Therefore we invite all to use the restroom of their choice and have an all gender restroom. Rabbi Serotta officiates at same-sex weddings and other lifecycle events. We go beyond the gender binary and have celebrated a “Kol Mitzvah,” a non-gendered coming of age ceremony (neither Bar nor Bat) for our children and are thoughtful about the way we use pronouns (in Hebrew and English) and how we call people up to bless the Torah.

It is beautiful to note that the holiest name for God is made up of four letters: yud, heh, vav heh. In a deft bit of word play, if you read that name backward, it is hu-hee. All Hebrew students know that hu means he, and he means she. Therefore the holy name of God is “he and she.” God is all possible genders and God transcends gender. The binary view of gender - that you must be one or the other - is too small for God and therefore too small for us.