Donate to Lakeside

“You shall accept gifts for God from every person whose heart so moves him.”  - Exodus 25:2

Contributing to Lakeside is more than a donation to help finance our day-to-day operations. With your generous gift, Lakeside is able to continue providing vibrant and diversified events and programs for all ages, including Sunday Mornings at Lakeside, our music programs, Religious and Hebrew School, Scholar-in-Residence and Celebration of the Arts, social action programming, and much more. Our beautiful year-round Shabbat services, the ability to purchase new prayerbooks and Torah scrolls, and developing a rich Religious and Hebrew School curriculum are all made possible through the heartfelt donations received all yearlong. Your donation makes a difference, large or small. 

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All gifts are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. To make a donation over the phone, please contact the Lakeside Office at (847) 432-7950.